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This a Tofu scramble black bean burrito
Vegan burritos

Tofu scramble black bean burrito

Here you have it, the one and only tofu scramble black bean burrito 😀. This is one of my favorite recipes because is yummy as hell, and is so easy to do and very nutritious. You may be more familiar with sweet potato black bean burritos, and this is similar, but with tofu, kale, vegan […]

Vegan nachos

The best vegan nachos supreme

These vegan supreme nachos beat their non-vegan counterparts in Taco bell. If you love Taco’s bells nachos supreme, then you will love these nachos. They are easy to make, and a healthy alternative to satisfy your craving for taco bell’s nachos supreme or other nachos supreme. Now you can enjoy nachos supreme without being guilty […]